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    After reading the blog that's belong to Kontraktor Tekun Wibawa(KTW), I think I also want to share in my blog about some of my experiences. These expiriences will only be passed the path by pure contractors. And I feel so shame when out there have many contractors have zero knowledge about their own field. They don't know what is SWG, they don't know what is G15, G20, G25 and G30, they don't know about BS and MS and they even don't know how to differentiate between Y/T/H bar and round bar! But yet they are lucky in term of getting new job from authority!!!Why? Because in Malaysia you do not need technical knowledge and know-how. X clerk, X teacher, X unemployed bla bla bla also could be a contarctor!

    Actually I started being as a contractor at 1993 under F's Class Contractor. Even I entitle to go straight for C class, but my father told me to start with F and we did as a partnership company. Well, a lot of experience I grabbed during F. There I learn myself how to cut timber plank and rail, learn the right way to nail. I also learning how to mix mortar and concrete under standard condition and kampung's standard. At once I joined with my workers to dig a mud while constructing concrete crossing under MADA's project(Most harder work to me). When the engineer from MADA came to visit my site, he asking me where was the contractor. And with full of mud showering on me, I answered that my boss are not around because only the technician and TA who knew me yet this is the first time their engineer visit my site. And till the end of his visiting the 'contractor' has not turning up to meet him.

    Hey! I drove the steamroller to roll the asphalt during roadwork on myself too. And I used to drive lorry to the all my site with my workers. I also used to tukang's term like 'curi abok' for fine tuning, 'chap cha' for sub-standard timber rails(2" X 1"), chap kang for ordinary labour kongsikong for their accommodation, and so aon. And I don't know how many of real contractors use to fill in the kong into kong's book by their own. Fill the kong's book in the way of what experienced kepala did! I learn it from Chinese's Kepala. And what means of kepala? You tell me lah!

    **till now I key off.


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