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    Yesterday when I drove along jalan persekutuan to Aloq Staq, I noticed that one of my earliest work at the road side was collapsed. This building was built at around 1993/1994. So means this building is about 16 years old. I took some picture to look into what was actually happened to the building. It is an open building and can categories it as a simple gazebo . Malay call it wakaf(from Arabic language).

    The pillar was made by timber and at bottom of it is already fully decayed due to weather and season. Well, what was the thing that make me wonder is, why there are no maintaining works undergo to maintain this building, or if the authority have the initiative, they can change the pillar using the same material or repair it using other material such as mild steel hollow section(MSHS) to replace the pillar before the whole building turn down. And do they did any periodical supervision to look over all buildings that belong to them?

    And from my plain observation, the strong wind also contribute to the collapse of this building. I believed so because during this period a lot of reports make by villagers to the authority complaining that their house also struck by strong wind and as a result most of the roof of their house also trash away out.

    But the damage to this building could be repair because the roof structure is still in shape. Thanks God because lots of trees that surrounding this building has contribute in cut down a bit a force from the wind.

    I hope MDY will do something to this building because at rainy day the bikers can take a shade till it stop.


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