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    Only a few Malay's contractor involving in steel work before 90's. But at this moment the numbers of Malay contractors that involving in steel and metal works are increasing day by day as well as Electrical and Mechanical contractors and even in O&G.

    Well, I also have some experiences in built up full steel building and semi steel building. In my record I built up at least 10th of small bus station, upgrade local authority's hawker center, Big Multipurpose Hall that contain 4 badminton/takraw court c/w basketball court, upgrading Fire Brigade Building and the most remarkable is 100'X360' open building to cater mix market(wet and dry market) with Koperasi Pasar Mingguan Guar Chempedak at 2005 and completed at 2006. Even I heard many skeptical opinion from public especially Malays that I can't even raise the columns, but finally at the end I load their mouth with silent juice when the said building still stand stood till today. I still remember that there was the year when Tsunami struck a few beaches at Peninsular due to strong earthquake that also can be feel the shaken of it at my site.

    But along the project was full of tears and joy. Along the days I keep praying to Allah to assist me and keep the safe to my workers. We even works till 3 am in the early morning. I always motivate them as a warrior to themselves. Yes, I admit that the project is a bit late on completion, but I proud because it was done by totally local workers and they are all Malays and I lead them!!! Now I regularly buy meat, chicken meat, fish and vegetable under this building and till now they keep remembering me as a contractor co worker for this building. One of my buddy, Din Teleang said' "Hang ingat dak depa kata bangunan macam ni melayu tak boleh buat, dan bila hang tengah dok buat depa kata kekuda tu akan gagal pasal bidangnya yang terlalu lebar dan tanpa tiang penenghah". And before I reply he continues, " Tapi hang selalu kata InsyaAllah, boleh naik, boleh siap dan boleh guna".


  1. wanbaki says:

    good job bro,
    sama la masa saya start buat steel foor GI steel tu. Depa kata melayu tak bleh buat. so sekarang ni, bila lepas ukuq bangunan saya akan tunjuk design proposal. depa terkejut. kadang2 orang fobia gak pasal banyak kontraktor melayu buat "asal boleh ja"..besi akan melengkung pasal tak ikut "spec". La ni dok fight dengan TOPTRUSS, ASTINO, macam-macam lagi..
    harga depa lagi tinnggi tapi kontraktor MELAYU dunggu jugak yang bagi kat depa nu..
    So.. we need to show what we can do better...
    take care..

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